Airlines don’t feed you much anymore, and after three long plane rides to reach our family in Naples, Italy, we were hungry for a good lunch. Ari took us to Dok Supermercati, the convenient neighborhood supermarket to pick up a few things. Dok is widely represented in five regions in southern Italy. Ari likes its nice antipasti section and that it’s nearby. She said she likes the quality of the food, and she feels safe going there.

Fresh buffalo mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, grilled marinated eggplant, prosciutto, olives, and crusty bread—all locally grown and made and with very good flavor. That’s been their standard everyday fare at home since moving to the suburb of Pozzuoli, she said.

More kinds of cheese than this sampling, of course. Prices are in euros.

Burrata Foglia in green wrap that reminds me of a Hawaiian laulau

Fresh seafood from the Mediterranean

At Dok, breads, cured meats, and some other foods are packaged in convenient sizes, though you may ask for larger whole quantities.

Picking our own fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese. The customer service is very friendly.

Grilled and marinated eggplant slices have exceptional flavor.

We were excited to see each other. We got a rough lay of the land on the way home and when we went to pick up Miss Marvelous from school. The weather was cloudy, and rain is in the forecast for Saturday.

Ari was happy to see us when she picked us up at Naples airport.

After traveling half way around the world, lunch, and picking up Ayla from school, Pete falls asleep.

TRAVEL TIP. The travel tip I have for folks traveling long distances on United States-based airlines like us for several weeks is to check out the airline membership lounge privileges if you are not already a member. The Delta Sky Club issued Pete a Sky Club Temporary Membership Card for 30 consecutive days. The 30-day pass costs $90, and the member may have two guests at no additional charge; you present your boarding pass and passport/ID. The pass will cover the date of our return passage to Honolulu. This is a better deal than a one-day pass at $50 per person.

We used the pass at the Atlanta airport where Delta has a complimentary breakfast spread in the morning and healthy snacks and munchies during midday; beverages, cocktails, showers, and lots of power points to plug in electronic devices, WIFI, mod lounge furniture, wide-screen TVs, and check-in service.

We helped ourselves to chocolate croissants and our style preferences of espresso at the Air France lounge at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. In Atlanta, the Delta staff was unsure of whether Air France would honor a temporary card from an airline partner. As it turned out, it did. There the liquor is self service. I enjoyed looking over the selection of periodicals and newspapers in five languages: German, Spanish, Italian, English, and French.

Our last stop before Honolulu on our return journey will be Los Angeles airport where we plan to take advantage of similar benefits of membership. It works out to $15 per person per time. Well worth it to us as we were able to relax in comparative quiet and comfort between flights.