Today’s errand was to get Bosso outfitted with a luggage carrier for road trips. I think I heard someone mention Rome and Florence. Bosso is the kids’  7-passenger Opel diesel van, a popular make and model in Italy. While Travis was at work and Ayla was at school, the rest of us went to Lorenzo’s shop to have the new equipment installed while we waited.

Autos in Italy are comparatively small and narrow so they can fit down the narrow roads. We already tested Bosso’s capacity for four adults and two kids in car seats when we went to Solopaca, and, yes, being able to carry all of our stuff on the roof for a weekend trip will make the journey much nicer.

Our modified ride is a great-looking rig!

Taking measurements. The “before” picture.

Plopping on the luggage carrier.

The snazzy new look with Lorenzo at the wheel. The “after” picture.

LUNCH STOP. La Cianciola in Quarto. Ari and I ordered the specials, gnocchi alla sorrentina and penne tonno e olive. Pete, who grew up in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, ordered a Philly cheese steak that he pronounced as the best he’d ever had. The Italian owner/chef lived in Pennsylvania for many years. Caffè macchiato and limoncello (icy lemon liqueur) completed our meal. See top photo.