TRAVEL TIP: Just go.

If you are affiliated with the U.S. 6th Fleet in Naples, Italy—armed services, employee, dependent, or sponsored, do take advantage of the daily group tours offered by the Navy MWR ITT desk. Hook up with the English-speaking tour guide named Aldo.

Aldo Sparice, who we now know has been with MWR ITT for 33 years since 1979, came into his profession as a child; his Italian grandfather was a guide. We’re informed that Aldo is known throughout the world as the Campania region tour guide. Since arriving in Naples one week ago, we have taken two of his tours—”The Best of Naples” and “Herculaneum and Villa Oplontis”—and can testify that it is true.

It turns out that all the MWR ITT cultural and winery tours are led by Aldo. It seems to me he personally created all of them. You’re in good hands with this living treasure who calls us “Aldo’s children.” The experiences are not cookie-cutter tours. He is quick to gauge the interests, physical ability, and attention level of the group to adjust each tour accordingly. He likes to “seize the moment.” “When a door is open, we go,” he says.

Aldo works hard. This week he simultaneously coordinated the shore excursions for about 3,000 of the 4,600 sailors and marines of the USS Enterprise that just dropped anchor on October 16 in the Bay of Naples, the aircraft carrier’s last port of call before being put in mothballs on December 1, 2012.

For the price, you’ll get more bang for your buck (er, euro) with these tours; you’ll get clean washrooms, and you’ll be adequately fed. The hardest part is showing up at the bus stop at the appointed time. You’ll make new friends and have a great time. With the beloved Aldo.

Go to the MWR ITT website and download the “Monthly Daily Tour Calendar” in the sidebar to see the schedule.