TRAVEL TIP (or perhaps not): Drive the Amalfi Coast on a cloudy day in October. Travis, Ayla, and I went out for a Saturday drive, and we ended up here by mistake. There were no crowds. The narrow two-way road from Salerno to Meta (west to east), though very windy with twists and turns, is well paved and wide enough for tour buses. But we still had to drive cautiously. We’re in Italy, after all.

For my friends in Hawai‘i, imagine a drive that is a combination of the road to Hana, Tantalus drive, and the road around Makapu‘u before it was widened. The ride is not for those who get car sick.

For better views, travel in the direction from Meta to Salerno (east to west). That way, if you are sitting on the right, you’ll get cliff-edge postcard views. This famous resort area has scores of cute hotels, fancy restaurants, and souvenir shops, one after another. We stopped in Maiori for something to eat. After lunch we got in the car just in time for the downpour, thunder, lightning, and hail stones!

Top and below: At Maiori we watched the surf as storm clouds approached. It was nice to hear the ocean and breathe the sea air.

Buildings are either fitted into the mountainside or hanging over the cliff.

There was “white out” with hail stones seconds after I made this image. Reminds me of an ultra impressionistic painting!

This is the tiled front entry to Ceramiche Casola (ceramic factory/showroom) near Positano. No photography allowed inside of the brightly hand-painted tabletops for wrought iron bases, the wedding patterns of made-to-order dishes, the painted-tile wall pictures, and colorfully decorated urns. Beautiful glazes.

The picturesque town of Positano on the Amalfi Coast on a rainy day. Imagine the view in the sunshine.

In this situation, the motor scooters pass from behind and squeeze between the bus and the car! Mama mia!

Three kinds of zucchini, carrot filet, mushrooms, eggplant, and red bell pepper comprised the antipasti. Roasted or grilled, marinated in olive oil, and chilled.

Eating all of the spaghetti revealed this cute decorated platter.