My travel tube of toothpaste is used up, I’m awake and up on a Hawaiian island when the kids are getting ready for bed in Italy, and I’ve put my feet in the Pacific Ocean. It’s time to return to Rebekah’s Studio! A sailboat race in Kane‘ohe Bay this afternoon on Mariah, Veterans Day observed tomorrow, and then I’ll be looking at my appointment calendar like before.

I, Popo, had a lovely first trip to Italy, thanks to Ari and Travis, and likely I’ll visit the country again. Here’s a hat tip to the family. Ci vediamo!

~P.S. The stories on this blog, starting with the one below, are in reverse chronological order. When you reach the bottom of the page, just click on “Load more posts.”

Ayla chases a dove on the steps of the church of San Lorenzo, Firenze.

Ayla, 3, in her winter school uniform, after the warm-weather whites. November 2012

Perrin, 11 months, and Travis on our first night in Italy. Perrin isn’t so sure about Popo. While we were there, she walked on her own for the first time.

Pete’s daughter Ari, with friends Scarlette and Annabelle, in Firenze. Grazie mille for everything!

Popo, Perrin the Good Witch, and Papa at the Spooktacular event for Halloween. (Hylton photo)

See you back at Rebekah’s Studio! Love, Popo