In the daytime, visitors to the Leaning Tower of Pisa may climb to the top. We didn’t.

20130907-165314.jpgWe spent too much time window shopping on the way there. I fell in love with these blue shoes, only ten euro, tried them on, and in the end decided the heels were too high for me to wear. Now I wish I’d gotten them for a sculpture display. Linda in the background liked the cute and sexy styles in this store too.

20130907-164846.jpgWe walked through a plaza in front of this magnificently decorated building with the name of the university “for the most clever students,” I was told.

20130907-171902.jpgLook at the detail on the facade.

20130907-165119.jpgIt was about an hour’s drive on the superstrada and local mountain roads to Villa Minghetti where Federica welcomed us with a platter of fresh fruit and a bottle of olive oil. It felt like I was coming home.