In Corniglia in the morning there is no noise of vehicular traffic, sirens, or aircraft. Only the sound of the neighbor’s voice and the calm Mediterranean Sea waves below. An occasional rooster crow, cat meow, dog whimper, flap of a gull’s wings, ring of church bells. From the patio – and beyond the dry stone wall terraces for grapes and olives – is a view of Santa Bernardino high above, looking down upon me. Seaward is Monterosso, two villages away toward the Italian Riviera. In between is Vernazza on the other side of the cliff at P. del Luogo and out of view. Maybe I’ll trek there today. One hour 30 minutes. Or, maybe I’ll stay on the patio and make a painting.
(Corniglia is the middle town of the Cinque Terre national park, a World Heritage site appointed by UNESCO. It is 365 pedestrian steps up, unlike the other four at sea level. A hiking trail and train connect the villages.)
This is a travel brochure photo of Corniglia.