Popo — that’s me — visited Italy for the very first time in October 2012, then again in 2013. Last October I went to France, and this May I’ll be sightseeing across Canada by train!

This is my travel blog. Popo, while an Italian name, means Grandmother in Chinese, and though our granddaughters aren’t Chinese, I am. You’ll see.

“2012 – First Trip” records an uncommon trip to Italy in 24 little stories.

“2013 – Italy” is about taking my adult art students from Hawaii to a villa in Tuscany. Painting lessons, cooking lessons, and train rides into Florence comprised the first two weeks’ experience before I moved on to the Cinque Terre, Rome, and Pozzuoli.

Viking River Cruises took me to see Paris and the Heart of Normandy in 2015. Below this introduction is my 2016 adventure in Canada!