I’m so excited for and proud of Australian composer Kevin March, my “cousin-in-law.” I have been raving about his grand accomplishment–writing the music to “Les Feluettes.” Pete and I are on the train to Montreal. Without further ado, here is the description quoted from the website of L’Opera de Montreal. We will be with Dr. March and his party on opening night!

PRESENTER/PRODUCER – Opéra de Montréal
Michel Marc Bouchard / Kevin March


SYNOPSIS: The aged Simon, wrongly convicted of the murder of his first love Count Vallier de Tilly, calls to the prison Bishop Jean Bilodeau, whom he suspects to be the true culprit. Filled with a DESIRE for vengeance in the face of this INJUSTICE, he holds the prelate captive and, with the help of his fellow inmates, stages a play depicting events relating to the crime. Who will make the CONFESSION that has been so long hoped-for?

A world premiere work of uncommon dramatic intensity by a dynamic duo—Quebec playwright Michel Marc Bouchard and Australian composer Kevin March—, featuring two rising stars trained at the Atelier lyrique de l’Opéra de Montréal: baritone Etienne Dupuis and tenor Jean-Michel Richer.

CAST: Jeune Simon Étienne Dupuis / Vallier de Tilly Jean-Michel Richer / Vieux Simon Gino Quilico / Monseigneur Bilodeau Gordon Gietz / Conductor Timothy Vernon / Stage Director Serge Denoncourt / Orchestre Métropolitain / Coproduction: Productions OdM + Pacific Opera Victoria

~ Congratulations! ~