Bonjour!  This is the introductory post to my trip to Paris and the heart of Normandy in France.  Months ago I attempted to take a group to Italy again but could find no takers. Finally my husband Pete announced he really didn’t want to go to Italy again (he had been there four times to my two). Instead he preferred a riverboat cruise to Normandy. We had taken Viking River Cruises’ trip across Austria one time on the Danube in the December of winter when it snowed nicely every day, and we absolutely loved the experience, everything about it. I agreed to another such cruise, this time on the Seine, and in autumn. We booked three additional days in Paris before the cruise, and the longship will stay at the dock in Paris for two days before heading in the direction of Normandy. Five days total in the City of Light. What’s not to like about Paris? says my friend Naomi. I’ll see you right back here in a couple of weeks after I depart Honolulu for my next adventure.

A Viking riverboat at night on the Danube that romantic December. Popo’s next stop: Paris! (Rebekah Luke photo)